London Trasport museum

Una meraviglia vera e propria.

(scusate le immagini che invadono la colonna laterale ma sono troppo belle per impicciolirle!)

The transformation of the London bus: Today, London has one of the biggest bus networks in the world.

Stand back from the platform edge: A woman views the conserved trains in the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton. The museum, which houses over 400,000 objects, will open its doors to the public this weekend

Another era: Pictured is the upper deck of a conserved tram

Look familiar? The London transport system would not be the same without its iconic platform nameplate signs (pictured)

Artifacts from long ago: Visitors will have the opportunity to view how buses and taxis evolved over the years. Among the collection are models from 1912, 1934 and the modern day TX4

A volunteer examines a collection of historic transport maps in the London Transport Museum Depot.

Destination unknown: Before motor taxis with meters were introduced onto the streets of London, cabs operated on a fixed rate per mile system.

Picture perfect: In the early 20th century, London Transport commissioned work from the best artists and designers in the country